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Celebrating 50 Years with BS&B Safety Systems


Since designing the first rupture disk (bursting disc) in 1931, BS&B Safety Systems continues to set the standard. Their commitment to technology, high quality manufacturing and quality by design, has earned BS&B the ISO 9001 Quality System Certification. BS&B's experienced engineering staff and certified craftsmen assure you of a reliable, cost effective, technologically advanced, code compliant product. We partner with you to develop products to better serve your process and related applications. By using this team-approach, we are better equipped to solve complex application problems economically and efficiently. Our on-site training programs include "Advanced Maintenance Workshops" covering:
Rupture disk technology
Selection, sizing and specification
Installation and maintenance procedures
Safety considerations
Field event analysis
Individual site considerations
Explosion vent technology
Buckling pin technology
BS&B Safety Systems manufacturing facilities operate and test according to national, international standards and codes including ASME VIII, AD Merkblatt A1 and EN ISO 4126-2: Bursting disc safety devices. BS&B is an international company with locations in North America (USA, Mexico and Canada), in EMEA (Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Russia, UAE), South America (Brazil), APAC (Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China, India)

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