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On-site training programs include "Advanced Maintenance Workshops" covering:

  • Rupture disk technology 

  • Selection, sizing and specification 

  • Installation and maintenance procedures 

  • Safety considerations 

  • Field event analysis 

  • Individual site considerations 

  • Explosion vent technology 

  • Buckling pin technology 

  • Sizing

Customer Service

BS&B provides a range of support to its program users including:

  • 24-hour technical support 

  • Technical seminars 

  • Installation service & training

  • Specialized testing 

  • Plant audits 

  • Standards compliance 

  • Engineering/Design of systems 

  • Productivity/TCO improvement projects 

  • BS&B's services cover all product areas:

    • Rupture Disks (Bursting Discs) 

    • Explosion Vents (Explosion Panels)

    • Buckling Pin Valves

    • Sensors and Monitors

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